I built this site using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. I have both current versions of IE and Navigator and I have found IE to be far more beneficial as far as html coding is concerned (not to mention the fact that navigation thru the net is better with the use of an IntelliMouse which doesn't work on Netcape at all). All pages on this website are set on: bgproperties="fixed". That simply means that the text will scroll while the background remains fixed. I choose this piece of code so that my art work could be viewed as it exactly is with out "eye confusion". Unfortunately, Netscape does not have the coding for this...yet. It is my hope that one day IE and Netcape Navigator will come together on common ground with the coding thang. Until then, I apologize for the lack of full representation to those who use Netscape. I encourage you to get IE 4.0 and use both as you see fit. Even if you don't like it as well, it's still good to have on the side for viewing sites like this. I was a Netscape user until I decided to download IE just for the purpose of having two. Now you know the rest of the story.