i delete all mah tweets

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) November 23, 2013

i delete all my tweets

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) November 21, 2013

dislike when i change my fb profile pic n than i delete n put back the previous one bc i really wish it could not appear in the feed

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) October 28, 2013

post & delete is a lot like the bend & snap

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) October 18, 2013

when u delete to repost better

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) October 8, 2013

You don’t want to accidentally delete anything you didn’t intend to. There is no Trash Bin in this... world.

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) September 28, 2013

@Buajitti delete

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) September 9, 2013

when i log back onto twitter i usually delete, unfav, unretweet tweets to tweet, fav, rt (better) new ones

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) August 29, 2013

deleted a tweet i didnt wanna delete =(

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) August 24, 2013

my reposted pic got 20 less likes so basically dont delete n repost something - not efficient

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) July 22, 2013

i deleted megu

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) July 19, 2013

i delete all my tweets today

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) May 20, 2013

lol no one wants to delete their facebook accounts

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) May 16, 2013

@art0542bitch mayb w practice, someday, it'll go beyond the mentally n then u'll auto destroy/delete all ugly aesthetic/s (art)

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) March 29, 2013

@thoughtcaboose ah i deleted snapchat a while ago :-o

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) March 27, 2013

i try to keep a delete ratio of 7/10

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) March 11, 2013

@gabycepeda or remove or delete if its online

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) March 5, 2013

post shit delete shit œ

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) February 26, 2013

i deleted my snapchat so stop snappin me thankU

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) February 18, 2013

some work i do i like doing it jst because i know ill delete it sometime

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) February 15, 2013

@lauraclock secret (deleted) tweet

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) February 10, 2013

@ArthurSirignano u jst tweet n retweet n expand n collapse n reply n send dms n favorite n delete n unfavorite n unretweet n read n laugh :)

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) February 4, 2013

@Ms_iPad (deleted tweet)

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 29, 2013

deleted ur email bc i dun care what u do or did or whatever srry stop emailing me

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 26, 2013

(deleted tweets) x2

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 26, 2013

@melip0ne i tweet like shit since a couple of days so i jst tweet way too much n delete everything

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 22, 2013

i prob deleted more than 50 tweets in the last 5hrs

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 14, 2013

i always delete these tweets

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) January 1, 2013

the only thing i wish i hadnt deleted is all my fb profile pics from 2010 2011 they were so good

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 31, 2012

deleted tweets so i can fresh tweet them later

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 22, 2012

@theodoredarst i deleted all the tweets from that 5 min period jst bc no reason, i do that all the time, ony day ill stop

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 19, 2012

if u think too much its not good delete

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 13, 2012

#DeleteYourTwitterIf yes #thistweetisforyou

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 10, 2012

some people dont understand the delete

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 8, 2012

@HannonPablo yeah i need to stop tho, either i delete, or jst stop doing anything with it or be random :)

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 5, 2012

the best s0ngs r sung f0rever 011011000110111101101100 Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

— Emilie Gervais (@Emilie_Gervais) December 1, 2012

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